Our team

The main research and development team is composed of former Fultec Semiconductor technology executive officer, senior engineering director Vito Miller, Power Integrations Inc., system integration device technical director, AT&T bell LABS outstanding technical backbone George Wilson, focusing on Power grooves MOS field-effect transistors, high-voltage integrated circuits, BCDMOS and submicron complementary MOS.

In addition, Vito Miller has more than 100 published and pending patents. His inventions include horizontal insulated gate bipolar transistor (LIGBT), WFET and the current leading technology -- turbo-fet trench MOSFET.In 2011, Vito Miller was the international symposium on power semiconductor devices and systems circuits (SPSD) vice chairman.Vito Miller is also the editor of IEEE Tran Electron Device power semiconductor devices.He received his doctorate in electrical engineering from the university of wales.

Device structure and technology of the Maximum not only has the proprietary technology, at the same time also has a large and increasing intellectual property rights, its use in the system circuit of silicon carbide schottky devices, peripheral BiHuan chip for new energy vehicles and for the health care industry to maximize performance parameters, which can be widely used in system integration transformation efficiency, overall optimization structure, power devices and low cost effect of discrete device value efficiently improve, makes its customers and strategic partners to maintain the strongest competitive, continuously providing cutting-edge products to market.Maximum can exceed the expectations of the other party through its rich experience in the research and development, design and application fields of both products and services.