Maximum releases a new car-class fan driver IC for small applications

Jan 04,2017

Thanks to its ultra-small size and advanced soft-switching technology, even very small fan applications can maintain low EMI and acoustic noise during operation.

January 2, 2017 - Maximum released a new IC for Automotive Fan driver, which is suitable for automotive applications and other applications requiring high reliability and ultra-small size solutions.

MAP213 is an automotive single chip solution for driving single coil brushless DC fan motor. Due to the use of soft-switching technology, these solutions can ensure that EMI and acoustic noise remain at a low level, so they are ideal for in-vehicle applications such as sensor fans and other applications such as wireless chargers, computing, audio and multimedia cooling fans.

These two devices belong to the full-bridge driver. They can drive motors with current up to 300 mA and power supply voltage ranging from 1.8 V to 5 V. In addition, they also integrate highly sensitive Hall effect sensors. With built-in reverse voltage protection, rotor locking protection and thermal protection functions, the driver can be stable and reliable even in demanding applications.


Both devices are packaged in very small packages with a height of only 0.4 mm and occupy only 3 mm2 of PCB area. They are very suitable for integration into ultra-thin fans. Among them, US168 uses tachometer (FG) output signal, while US169 uses alarm (RD) output signal. Both fan drives meet the AEC-Q100 standard, so they can operate reliably even in the most demanding applications.

The new product, "Cooling function has always been a boost to innovation, helping to break through the CPU's computing power limit, but also to avoid power overheating. With the increasing number of in-car integrated electronic products, the demand for automotive fans is also growing. Maximum's new drive ensures that the fan runs quietly and reliably, meeting consumer expectations for in-car applications. These fully integrated automotive-grade devices do not require any external components, which allows customers to use soft-switching technology in minimal fan applications.