Customers require quality. Quality improves profitability.

A cornerstone of Maximum's success is that we offer our customers the highest quality commercial products technically possible, without a premium for superior reliability.

Maximum's complete program of lot traceability, extensive reliability monitoring program, failure analysis support, comprehensive parametric testing at wafer acceptance, and worldwide field applications - all free of charge - is unmatched in our industry!

Read our Quality Policy. This is Maximum's commitment to our customers and to the improvement of our products and services.

We believe you have rewarded Maximum for this commitment to excellence with continuous growth and profitability despite serious industry recessions. We thank you for this acknowledgment of an ethical and economic principle we both believe in.

At Maximum we continue to improve our manufacturing systems. We actively seek and encourage your feedback relating to our performance and areas for improvement.

Maximum's Quality Policy

The quality policy for Maximum is pragmatic. It reflects our philosophy that quality is more than a noble issue. The quality concept at Maximum flourishes because of the significant sales and manufacturing benefits it provides. These can be summarized as follows:

  1. Customers Require Quality

    • If Maximum doesn't produce the highest quality products, customers will seek other companies who do.

    • Customers define a product's quality. Maximum listens to customer inputs on how to improve what we do. Customer inputs ultimately define what they expect to buy.

  2. Quality Improves Profitability

    • The highest possible yields define the lowest possible manufacturing costs.

    • High and improving yields are a direct result of attaining high and improving quality.

    • High quality is attained by paying attention to details. Where a quality problem exists, find the root cause and fix it.

    • Don't accept our current quality as the status quo. Quality improvements must continuously occur to keep pace with market demands for lower costs, which can only be achieved through attaining high yields.

    • Our objective is to design in quality rather than to improve it through testing.